TGIF homies! I’ve got a few confessions, but first, the FrogFuel give away winner is, the 14th commenter….
Email me your address Lisa. (
Now on to my confessions….
1. I’ve decided I like the pub fun runs I’ve been doing on Wednesday evenings. It’s a nice group and it’s super close to home. Plus, I’ve finally figured out how not to get caught up with the speedy front group.
2. Now that I’ve been riding so  much I wish I would have signed up for a 70.3.
3. I’m not really looking forward to my upcoming marathon training. What’s wrong with me? Must be all the cycling…
4. I told Navy Steve last night that I definitely wanted to do the Frogman 5K swim. I think this was after a beer or two.
5. My fundraising for the Cystic Fibrosis Cycle for Life Ride is going pretty well. I’m not close enough to my goal that I won’t shamelessly ask for donations HERE. Heh.
6. This weekend should be my first ride back at the hills of San Antonio, FL, weather permitting. It’s gonna hurt. 
7. Remember when that random dude pushed me up a hill in San Antonio last year? Man I hope he’s there again!
8. I missed watching Le Tour last night so now I’m behind a day. I’ll catch up on the DVR this evening.
9. I have gotten in exactly ZERO swims so far this week. I’m hopeful I can fit in an OWS tomorrow. Again, weather permitting. Florida = summertime tropical storms.
10. My second triathlon of the season is coming up and I’m really excited to see how it plays out with my new bike. I think my run will be slower but hopefully I’ll have a faster bike split. We shall see.
Happy Friday everyone. I hope you have great weekends!