I have loved this four day week. I could get used to this. Can we start a petition for that? I mean, that’s gotta be a cause for action right? Anyway…
I’ve got some silly confessions for you guys this week. Number four is downright shameful. At least I didn’t sing the song about “creating cold ice men.”

Let’s do this!

1. While showering the other night, there was a large cockroach on the shampoo bottle. I HATE cockroaches. I jumped outta that shower faster than any T1 time that’s ever been seen on my race reports.
2. I am not so great with the iPhone and utilizing all it can do. I just found iTunes radio THIS WEEK and have started listening at work with my headphones.
3. I have no idea what came over me, but I started listening to Disney Princess Radio. I am not even a big Disney fan, but for some reason belting out some Little Mermaid soundtrack was really appealing this week. Please judge me. I want you to judge me. I deserve it.
4. Cindarelly, Cindarelly. Night and day it’s Cindarelly! OH GOD SORRY. So sorry. What is wrong with me?
5. I went to see the re-release of Ghostbusters on Monday and I wore my Ghostbusters “I ain’t afraid of no ghost!” t-shirt. Dork Level: Expert.
6. I’m already picking out races for October and November. I just wanna run!
7.  This is my new “fight” song, per my friend Scott, and I am ok with it. I’ll be singing it as I climb hills in Chattanooga. (In addition to, Everything is Awesome!)

8. I ate Candy Crush gummy candy for 2nd breakfast.
9. This morning was the first time I’ve ever hit 4,000 yards in the pool. And yet, back in January I swam a 5K in the ocean. #smart
10. Pancakes were my first breakfast. I regret nothing.
Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!