1. I skipped a workout on Wednesday so I could go see my nephew. After this week’s events, which aren’t quite over by the looks of things, I needed a little baby snuggle time.
Dang photo bombing dog.

2. I finally signed up for a triathlon this season. June 9th. Sprint tri. Let’s do this!
3. I’m obsessed with Amanda Bynes right now. I hope she hops on twitter one day and is all, “Gotcha! I’m just foolin you guys. I’m still totally normal!” And then removes her cheek piercings.
4. I participated in the Runners United to Remember run with my track group on Tuesday.

5. Since the above picture is pretty somber. I give you this picture just for the hell of it. Oh and Ryan Gosling.
He hates 1,200’s too.

6. I’m still pretty shaken up about Boston. I guess this isn’t a real confession since we’re all feeling this way.
7. I’m also very sad for the folks in Texas. They too lost a lot of loved ones.
8. I’m even more amped up about training for Chicago now. Those long runs sure do help with the fears and sadness.
9. My first actual attempt at Fartleks (heh) went ok last night. The problem is that I now have a pain in my butt. Yup. Fartleks gave me a pain in the butt. Well played irony, well played.
10. I’ve been watching the news nonstop. I usually watch in the morning but I can’t seem to turn it off this week. It’s almost too horrifying to turn away from.
11. I really wanted this to be a more light hearted post so here’s this…

and this….

I hope you and all of your loved ones are safe right now. I’m saying some prayers for all of the law enforcement in Boston, the families of the victim’s in both Boston and West, Texas, and everyone else hurt by these two terrible tragedies.
I’m going to swim, bike, and run this weekend to be with my friends and soothe my soul.