Hallelujah for Friday! Every week my runs get longer and every week I look forward to my Friday rest day. I mean, I’m also excited that it’s the last day of the work week but mostly it’s because my legs are shot. And yeah, I’ll probably keep up with this whole “marathon training is hard” whining for a little while longer at least. Just go with it, mkay?
Forgive me readers, for I have sinned (and done some other random stupid stuff for your reading enjoyment):
1. During my Monday run I passed a man that looked like a missing cast member of “Duck Dynasty.” He was looking down over the sidewalk to a small drainage area. (My local runs take place along the water.) He said, in the most awesomely Duck Dynasty voice, “You need to see this gator!” I paused to look and that ish was HUGE. It was one of the biggest gators I’ve seen up close in a while. To make a long story short, I ran home fast because I kept thinking about that gator that stalked that one runner that one time. And you’re welcome for that terrifying news story.

2. On track Tuesday, I annoyed the hell out of everyone and repeated after every 400, “This is fun. I like doing this.” I was trying to remember that. We did twelve 400’s so I’m sure it didn’t get old AT ALL to my track mates.
3. Wednesday night I swam with my former master’s coach Kelsey. She lapped me 9,000 times and I lost count on my sets 9,000 times. Go me. (As an aside, Kelsey told me about a fun way to get in a “swimmer’s mile” of 1,650. Start with 11 (25 yard) lengths and then take a break. Then swim 10 lengths and take a break. Then 9 and so on down to 1. And voila -1,650 done!)

4. Thursday morning I met up with Megan to get in a pace run. I’m happy with the run, except for the part where I almost crapped my pants. I had gotten to my cool down mile and it was dark. Megan and I had separated and I was running alone. Did I mention it was dark? As I was running, I heard a very angry, growling dog from behind me. I nearly jumped out of my skin. As I looked back, I saw this angry dog was actually an electrical box. Thanks for the early morning heart attack city engineers!
5. Also on Thursday morning I stupidly inserted a bridge into my pace run. I’m not sure how you people who live with real, actual hills do it. It definitely slowed me down.

6. I ate entirely too much Chex mix as an afternoon snack on Thursday and I don’t think I can ever eat them again.

7.  Speaking of eating, I find that I’m not that hungry for dinner lately. Is that how it is with you all? I mean, I’m a full on breakfast and lunch machine but I’m not that hungry at night. Odd.

I think I’ll end this list on lucky number 7. I’ve got a great long weekend planned and am looking forward to a little running (16 mile long run eek!), a little relaxing, and a lot of fun. Have a great weekend and enjoy your holiday!