Happy Friday peeps! I’m looking forward to a tough weekend of workouts. Before I get into all that, I will announce the winner of the Brew Over Ice Giveaway. From the old school but always loved random.org, it pulled up:  
And the tenth commentor was Detroit Runner Jeff! I’ll shoot you an email Jeff to get your info. The great thing about this giveaway is that the Brew Over Ice people do all the work. I mean, it’s REALLY hard to mail stuff. Haha.
In other news, as I briefly mentioned, I’ve got a big weekend of workouts. I registered for a sprint tri on a whim about a month ago and haven’t really been specifically training for it. I’ve been swimming and running mostly, but cycling? Not so much. And we all know that’s not good for she-who-cycles-like-a-turtle-when-not-training-enough. This tri has a few bridges, so I’m just going to show up and see what happens. I plan on working hard during the race but it’s not an “A” race for me, NBD.
And since marathon training is in full swing now, I probably need to get in some semblance of a long run on Sunday. I don’t advise really racing and doing a long run in the same weekend, but since this is a sprint tri and I feel guilty not doing a run, I’m sure I’ll negotiate with myself somewhere in the middle with a ten miler or something.

Ok, so where’s the fun exactly in this post? Right here:
Good luck to everyone racing this weekend! There’s a lot of you out there – IM’ers, HTC relayers, sprint tri’ers, and I’m sure lots or 5K’s and 10K’s!
Special shout out to my girl Kdub racing IM Louisville. I know you’re going to kick may-jah butt!

Have a great weekend everyone!