Since Red and I are such good friends, it should be obvious that we have a lot in common. For example, we both love running. And reading. And sushi. And of course, blogging. A lot of our conversations actually revolve around blogging. And how completely nerdy we are in accordance with our blogging.

Earlier this week we were discussing how much our “100 things about me” posts have changed and decided it’d be fun to post some of those changes to our blogs. Ok, well, it’s fun to us. Haha. We both love lists and looking back at my 100 alone makes me laugh at some of the stuff I wrote. Nothing has changed fundamentally. I still love dancing, coffee, and music. And I still miss my dad every day. But there are some things that have undoubtedly changed since that post from October 2009.

Let’s have a look shall we? Come down the rabbit hole Alice….

1. While my pantry did always contain South Beach high protein cereal bars, I must sadly say that it no longer can. BECAUSE THEY DISCONTINUED THEM! I am furious.

2. While I was on the fence about the whole marriage/kids thing, these days I’m leaning toward the no kids ever thing. One trip to Disney in the summer was like the world’s best birth control. I’ve heard that when they are my own I’ll love them, but …

3. I said in 2009 that, “I never in a million years thought I’d end up in sales.” And well, I am no longer in sales. See how that works? Heh.

4. I used to be an all the time undies under running shorts kinda gal, but lately I’ve been free ballin’, er, free…you know what. Wink, wink.

5. I thought talking about breast implants was TMI, but since I’ve shared so much since then on this blog (see above), I realize there is little that is TMI. And I’m free….free ballin’…..

6. I still believe there is less traffic on the high road, but every now again, man I want to cause a twelve car pile up!

7. Still thinking about those implants. TMI? Naaaaaah.

8. Am removing Daniel Craig from my top five hot dudes and replacing him with Leonardo DiCaprio. Inception pushed him right over the edge for me. In case you forgot the other four were: George Clooney, Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper, and Jensen Ackles (TV show Supernatural hottie!)

9. I wrote that I thought Ironman on a bucket list was bananas…but now…..ok fine. I’m in. Ironman is on the list.

10. Gwen Stefani was my girl crush, but she’s sooooo 2009. Sorry Gwen, I still love you but now you’re more like my bestie than my girl crush. You’ve been replaced who am I kidding? You’re still my favorite, Gwen!

TGIF fools. Have a great weekend. And for the love of God stop imagining me with big boobs!

DollyB.o.B. says, “Ya’ll head over to Red’s blog to see what she’s been up to with her 100 things. Go on now, git!”