Happy Friday the 13th! I love Friday the 13th! Mostly because it’s Friday, but also because I love me some Jason.
Speaking of funny, I don’t think I showed you all this outstanding photo of Meghan, Tori, and I modeling our wetsuits last weekend. I mean, I always feel dead sexy when I squeeze myself into a wetsuit while sweating and cursing and almost falling over. Don’t you?
You betta work.
I’m really glad we met up for a swim and after only swimming a mile, I feel that I’ll be just fine for the 5K. I know it’s two more miles than that, but I don’t feel that I can’t do it physically. Mentally, I’m going to be so freaking bored. Maybe I can get the S.O. to sing or play music or something while he kayaks next to me. Poor thing, he’s also going to be super bored. We can be bored for a good cause though. Totally worth it.
In other Friday fun  news, I got this today in my email box:

The teeny tiny print is confirming my entry into Jacksonville Bank Marathon on the 29th. I’m so excited that it’s almost here. I feel like everyone else’s big race has come and gone and I’m just waiting…and waiting… I know it’ll be here soon enough and I’m really pumped to run my 7th marathon. I think I’ve hit the taper calm that seems to soothe any anxiety I have before racing. I really  have to credit triathlons for helping me be less anxious about running. I suppose it’s so I can save up all my anxiety for the Ironman. Haha.
This weekend the S.O. and I are running the Mt. Dora Half Marathon and making it a long weekend by heading to a theme park on Monday. The S.O. needs a day off, he’s been working like a machine, and I could use a day of pure non-athletic fun too. I think we are both just going to run this race easy as we’ve heard it’s hilly and we don’t want to over do it before Jacksonville. It will be cool to run in a different part of Florida that I haven’t seen much of.
As a reminder, feel free to enter my giveaway with Milestones Sports! It’s a great gift for you or any other Disney runner in your life.
Have a great Friday the 13th! I’ll catch you on the flip.