First off, I must apologize for that horrific video I posted yesterday. You can blame Good Morning America for showing it to me and you can blame Rebecca Black for starting a trend of bad youtube music videos made by tweens.
Speaking of videos, as I was perusing Pinterest on Monday night after my little run, I stumbled upon all of these videos of people post wisdom teeth removal surgery and can I just tell you that I was crying, I was laughing so hard. Apparently, I am late to seeing these videos as some of the funnier ones were showcased on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and those poor drugged up people were brought on her show.
My absolute favorite, the one that the SO and I were dying laughing at the other night, is this one featuring a brother and sister post surgery. The brother is hysterical and their mom is freakin’ awesome. Keep watching. It just keeps getting better.

If that didn’t make you laugh, maybe this lady in the Land of Blueberries will.

(And if you are super duper bored you check out Ellen having the brother and sister on her show HERE.)

There are lots of races this weekend. The big local one by me is the Women’s Half Marathon. I can’t run it due to familial obligations (I can now be a Godmother! Woot!), but I do want to say best of luck to all my girls racing! There’s gonna be a great showing from the Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers! Shout out!

 To all the rest of you – have great weekends!