Hallelujah for Friday! I’m sure most of us are looking forward to a long weekend. If you have to work on Monday, I’m sad panda for you. Maybe you can call in sick? *cough cough*
Since it is the Friday before a long weekend, I thought a post on things I’m loving right now would be appropriate. I don’t need to start with how I’m loving the long weekend, because I already said that. ‘Member?
I’m loving….
1. The song Secrets by Mary Lambert. My sister told me about it and damn if it ain’t the truth. We need to expose those things about ourselves we are made to feel ashamed of. Everyone has a secret that they can let out and not be judged for.

2. I adore this mascara. Also, a recommendation from my sister. She certainly knows a lot of stuff, doesn’t she? It’s volumizing and lengthening all at once. Genius.
3. Guardians of the Galaxy. Have you not seen this yet? Go see it, right away! It’s funny and endearing and action packed. Chris Pratt got ripped and is super easy on the eyes. (Zoe Saldana is there for eye candy, too.) OH, and lest I forget, the soundtrack is killer!
4. I admit that I used to be terrible at getting a recovery drink in me after long workouts and I know how badly my body needed them. While I sometimes grab a chocolate milk if I am pressed for time, I must say this Fluid Recovery in Tropical is my all time favorite. The flavor is great and I look forward to drinking it. It’s pretty comparable to all the other recovery stuff on the market, but it tastes way better.
5. For the longest time I carried salt pills to take on very hot days when I knew my sodium levels were low on long runs or rides. I don’t like taking pills very much and I hate that stick in the throat feeling you can get if you don’t quite swallow them correctly. A friend introduced me to the electrolyte strips and I’ve been using them ever since. I really love that you can taste the salt because when my body is craving it, I want to actually taste it. I have used two different types of these strips, but this brand is the only one I can currently find on the market.
6. I may have mentioned that I’m running the Rock N Roll Las Vegas Half with the running Elvi (that’s plural for Elvis). I was sent to this site to order my custom costume. I couldn’t be happier with how nice the owner, Misty, has been through our correspondence. I cannot wait to get my suit! All hail The King.
7.  While I don’t love cycling the way I love running, I do really enjoy big, organized rides. This Sunday, a large group of us are heading to The Tour of Sebring for the 105 mile ride. I did this ride as my first ever 100 miler back in 2012 and had a great time. I’m really looking forward to it this weekend!
8. I basically have to have these socks.
9. It’s the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters! And they are playing it at theaters. I. Am. Thrilled. I will be at a showing on Monday for sure. Who you gonna call?
Dr. Peter Venkman: This city is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions.
Mayor: What do you mean, “biblical”?
Dr Ray Stantz: What he means is Old Testament, Mr. Mayor, real wrath of God type stuff.
Dr. Peter Venkman: Exactly.
Dr Ray Stantz: Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling!
Dr. Egon Spengler: Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes…
Winston Zeddemore: The dead rising from the grave!
Dr. Peter Venkman: Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!
Mayor: All right, all right! I get the point!
10. I got my ironman Chattanooga race number! I’m #912. It’s so close! I heart finish lines.
Have a safe and happy long weekend!