I missed Wordless Wednesday cause I:

A. Don’t take as many pictures as I should
B. Really like to talk a lot
C. Am lazy, a recurring theme

Since I missed that funky alliterative Wednesday post I thought I’d do a Friday WTF. As in what the eff is wrong with people? Please feel free to move along to a post by someone else who talks about rainbows and unicorns and such cause today ain’t that day. Although I do hope you get a chuckle.

Let’s see…

WTF is wrong with my co-worker who eats yogurt every day but must SCRAPE it out of the container. To the point where I have to put on earphones and think happy thoughts for fear that I may go postal. I wonder if this person thinks there is some secret chamber of plastic that will yield more yogurt! And more scraping! Another co-worker emailed me that she may just go and rip it out of his/her hands and throw it in the trash. That’s how LOUD the SCRAPING is.

WTF is going on at this pool in Massachusetts? Basically there was a dead body in this public pool for a couple of days and people just kept on swimming. They didn’t seem to notice a dead person with them. In the pool. *Shiver* How is this possible? Note to self: No swimming in public pools in Mass. Got it.

WTF is up with all this stupid rain we are having? Yes, I know other places are in droughts while I am about to build an Arc. Again I say, sorry spiders. You ain’t gonna be singing “I’m on a boat” with me as the Captain. Cockroaches, I know you’ll survive regardless. Sigh.

WTF is up with beer commercials lately? The newest one for Coors Light is just silly and also kind of makes beer drinkers look like morons. Dude tells girl they can’t have their scheduled dinner cause he’s taking the “bar exam.” But the “bar exam” is to read his beer label at a bar to see if it’s just “cold” or “super cold.” It’s really the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. And beer snobs everywhere exclaim “This is why I don’t drink Coors Light!”

WTF was Cat Deely wearing on SYTYCD last night? I’m pretty sure the only people who should wear bedazzled stick on tattoos are eight year old girls. She’s a very pretty woman and her dress was adorable but the weird stick on rainbow bird on her chest was so distracting.

And that’s it for my ranting today. I feel so much better now. Hee hee! I’m so super glad it’s Friday I can barely contain myself! Hopefully I’ll get to see the Jamoosh family on July 4th and it stays dry enough for a little beach action.

Happy 4th everyone! Be safe and have a great weekend.