Ahhh Friday. I welcome you like the Attack Terrier Lloyd welcomes warm laundry. (Why must he sit on my clean clothes? Every. Single. Time.)

I cannot express how excited I am getting for my Chicago trip with the Redhead. I love travelling. And even though I will probably be wearing a mask and randomly spraying myself and others I suspect of having swine flu with disinfectant, I am sure the friendly skies have missed me as much as I have missed them.

Surly flight attendants, crying babies, post-apopalyptic airline food, skeevy old men, enough leg room for those under 4 foot 2, stinky feet smell at security check – I can’t wait!!! (In flight drinking? Yes please.)

We are locking down our plans and she is coming here this evening to finish up her training with the BRA. I plan on getting a short, easy run in tomorrow AM and then doing some biking. I must admit that since I have been biking…

I still hate it.

Didn’t see that coming did you?

Have a great weekend everyone. I know LOTS of you are racing tomorrow or Sunday and I wish you the VERY best of luck. I offer you all the most important tip:


By the way, swing over to Fair Weather Runner for an AMAZING giveaway. But just look, don’t comment. I am trying to win here people.