I rarely do give aways because I am super lazy at getting to the mail and I hate to make you all jump through hoops to promote products you haven’t even tried yet. So, straight up, I don’t need you to tweet your faces off to win my give away. Nor do I need 75 facebook posts or your first born. I’m nice like that. What I do need though, is for you to take a tiny, little quiz and share your results with me in the comments. Easy peasy. 
Let’s get to it, shall we?
When I got an email about FrogFuel it sounded a bit strange to me. Do frogs workout? Why do they need fuel? Is there FrogMan race with a grueling swim, bike, and run and then subsequent FrogMan tattoos? Can you imagine those little froggies on teeny tiny bicycles? So cute. 
Um. Yeah. It’s not that. 
But, after looking up the product I realized they weren’t talking about real frogs, they were referring to Navy Seals. You know, frogmen. Really real for real tough guys. These guys invented FrogFuel which is a liquid shot of protein. FrogFuel looks very similar to standard gel packets although it’s much thinner in consistency. 
Fits right in. 
I am always in need of more protein in my diet. I definitely don’t get as much protein as I need and this is where Frog Fuel does it right. Check out the ingredients:
TONS of protein and only 60 calories. This would be great pre, during, or post workout. I chose during my workout because it has some caffeine and lord knows I love a bit of a pick me up on a long bike ride. 
Feeling froggy?
I must admit, the FrogFuel is not the greatest tasting thing in the world. It’s not super sweet, which is a nice break from sugary gels, and for liquid protein it was better than some of the chalky stuff out there. The S.O. taste tested a packet too and he was really happy with the 15 grams of protein in one pouch. He felt that the flavor was fine and worth it for all that the product offered. I completely agree. We both took them halfway through a 42 mile ride and felt great on the return trip. 
Wanna get your hands on some FREE FrogFuel? Here’s what you gotta do. Watch the video below and take the Frog Performance quiz. I’m a free spirit! Tell me what your Fuel level is in the comments! (That will be your entry. Easy right?)

Feel free to check out the FrogFuel workouts and FrogFuel Fitspiration. And of course, follow them on the social media links below.

I’ll post the winner on Friday. Just make sure to come back to see if you’ve won in case I don’t have your email. The winner will receive three FrogFuel 1oz Protein Shots.

*FrogFuel supplied me with the product to review. I was not compensated for this review. All opinions are my own. If I didn’t like it, I’d tell ya!*