I have no choice but to cut this recap up in parts or else your retinas will burn out from all the reading of my awesomeness. I’m gonna start at the beginning. It’s usually best to start from there I was told.

So rewind to Saturday night. V and Coach Tom had a wonderful pasta dinner set up at their house. V is a great cook and always makes things that I cannot spell or pronounce, but that are simply dee-lish! She made two different pastas and I had no choice but to eat them both.

From Left to Right at the pasta dinner: Nora, Coach Tom, V, Me, and P-Funk. It’s amazing how calm Nora and I look. We had major pre-race jitters!

After we ate I headed home to meet the Redhead who had a meal (sort of) with Team Redhead. I popped my magical sleeping pill and was off to sleep in no time. I woke once at about midnight due to Lloyd’s barking at nothing at all. Thanks a lot dog!

As the alarm blared to life at 3 AM (I wake up every morning to “I’m alright! Nobody worry about me!” by Kenny Loggins, I love Caddyshack) I felt calmer than I did the night before. It’s probably due to the little talk I had with the man upstairs and myself. A sort of come to Jesus talk with the Big JC and myself. It definitely helped. (Hope I don’t sound preachy here, but it helped me.)

Red and I headed to the meet up spot where we caravaned behind P-Funk and Hollster. We arrived at the Convention center and hung out with the other folks from the BRA.

Me, some dude, and P-Funk acting a fool. As per usual.

Pre-Race shot of the coolest four ladies I know. We look nervous! Left to Right: P-Funk, Hollster, Me, and Red.
I gotta get to work now, but the second half will be up tomorrow. I know you all are dying for the race photos. I’m such a tease.

Happy Tuesday! (Did I mention I’m sore as hell? No? Ok, I’m sore as hell.)