Last week was a rough one, I’m not going to lie. And I will admit that I let the stress of the week get the best of me and my training. As a new coach I try hard to set a good example and push my athletes when I know they are having a tough time, but last week was not exactly one I can be proud of. The S.O.’s bike crash and subsequent worry weighed heavily on me as I tried to work, coach, and get in my own workouts. Coach Mason was super helpful at giving me the pep talks I needed and helping me come up with solutions to get my own training accomplished. As I’ve said before, even coaches need a coach.

Part of my problem was that I was telling myself it’s only June and I have plenty of time to train hard before any big races. I know this is a mistake. The time to train hard is now. The work I put in now will impact those future races, no doubt about that. Yes, I know I’m only human. And sometimes life happens, but I needed a reminder to get it together. Keep pushing and keep working toward those BHAGs.

Sadly, I missed the donut race Saturday, but staying local to support the S.O. and the Best Damn Race 5K he put on this weekend was more important. I always have a good time volunteering and seeing so many of our local friends come out to race. It’s hugely helpful to have such a fantastic community to lean on.

Fortunately, yesterday for most of the morning and afternoon there was no rain and I was able to get in my ten mile run. I was worried about it because I had woken up in the middle of the night with a headache. I got back to sleep after popping some Advil and standing in the shower for 30 minutes. When it rains, it pours, ya know? I was hell bent on getting this run in and having friends to meet made a big difference. My friend Heather was going to meet me at 6 AM, as was Lora from Crazy Running Girl who was in town for a conference. Lora and I had never met but Jesica from Runladylike set us up. This worked out perfectly! I think sometimes I wouldn’t be a runner if it weren’t for running friends. (Great to meet you Lora!)

Even though we’re getting hit hard with rain this week, thanks to Tropical Storm Colin, I plan on having a great week of workouts. I lost a little bit of my fire lately and I’m looking to relight it.

It’s Monday, I’m alive, I’m healthy and coffee exists. Let’s do this!