My two best friends and I have a saying. It’s “Give purple a chance.” Seriously. We say it all the time while shopping or discussing what out fits we’d like to purchase. It all started when my friend Jen and I were discussing what color to buy of some article of clothing. I believe there were several options when she looked at me and said, “Give purple a chance.” And so I did. I have yet to be disappointed when giving purple a chance as the shade does look quite lovely on.

I finally decided on shoes and guess what? They came in blue and white and purple and white. So, I of course, had to give purple a chance. I know you are all enthralled by this little intro.

Basically, I google stalked my old shoes and came up with nothing. They were gone. Nada. Zilch. Pffft. So I asked you all for some suggestions. I got some awesome advice and took it all very seriously. I went to Sports Authority to try some on and check out the prices. I tried on the Asics GT2150’s and some New Balance shoe that felt like a brick (seriously, heavy and wide, not for me). I skipped the Nike’s because none of you said you wore Nikes (I don’t think). I tried on a few Saucony’s but they weren’t for pronation (at least the one’s at the store). I found that the Asics GT2150 felt the best and at $94.99, the price wasn’t too bad. I told the super helpful clerk that I may be back for them.

I went home and found that Road Runner Sports dot com had them at $74. And as mentioned by some of you Road Runner Sports has an awesome return policy should they blister my feet. Yay! The true test will be how they feel on those first few runs.

In addition to giving purple a chance I got a box of the most excellent Vanilla Bean Gu. It’s caffeinated and tastes delicious.

Happy Monday all. Hope it’s been great.