Since that last triathlon left me feeling a wee bit silly cause I had some many bike issues, I’ve decided to give it another go. And why not? I’m already trained up for the swim and the run. I just need to get on the bike more than one time and I’m already ahead of where I was for that previous race. Heh. Only this time, I am going to try to not go all Three Stooges at every transition.

On Friday, I am leaving for the great Mitten state to visit Spike and Red AND run my 2nd half marathon, The Cleveland Half. Thus the bike training will have to commence more in depth when I get back. I did however manage a nice 17 miler yesterday AM. I did not fall over and I drank from my water bottle without careening into the nearby bushes, so that’s gotta be a good start right?

I signed up for yet another Olympic distance tri that is being held in the one hilly location we have in Florida, Clermont. I was told I could handle the hills there but…we’ll see. Hills are for heroes, as they say. Yeah, I don’t know who they are either, but I’m sure they mean well.

As for that half mary this weekend, I’ve got a few goals. If you look at the side there where it says race PRs you’ll see that the last time I ran a 1/2 was in 2010. This is incorrect. I looked up that race and realized it was 2009! (Yes, I’m too lazy to change it and hope to remove it after this weekend anyway.)

That half was a Halloween race and I did manage to win an award for my costume, a run-away bride. Ain’t been caught yet, holla! I was also coming off of Old Wonky and just sort of cruised the first 5 miles or so. It was super hot that day but for some reason I felt good. I remember that race fondly because I was surrounded by friends (Red ran it too!) and there was no pressure.

Hopefully, Sunday I can gain a new PR and still have some fun. I’m sure with Red and Spike and so many bloggy buds out there, that should be a piece of cake. Here are my goals for this half mary:

A. 1:45

B. 1:50

C. Anything under 2:00 and I’m golden!

Happy Hump Day! (Side Note: Every time I think of Hump Day I think of that old Bobby Brown song “Humpin’ Around” and then I think of Whitney. Poor, poor Whitney. Man she used to rule. Crack is wack.)