Good morning kids. It’s a rainy Sunday here in the Bay and this always makes me want to lie around in bed and watch cartoons. But alas, I cannot. I got a few errands to run, and an actual run to run. I plan on doing a four mile recovery today, I need it from yesterday’s run.

I am feeling much better. I’m still a little congested but my run yesterday seemed to help. I took the advice of most of you and just got out there and ran. We overshot our turn around and ran about 11 miles. Oops.

Tomorrow, as some of you may know, there is a little race in Boston. I know lots of bloggies are there, not too mention lots of BRA members. Speedy Jess, Tausha the Great, Navy Steve, Coach EK, Coach Tom, and Strawberry E are out there just to name a few. I got wind of the fact that a little redhead may have run a Boston 5K this AM… but I’ll let her tell the tale. I’m so excited and nervous for all them. Should be a great race.

That being said, best of luck to all the Boston Marathoners. Don’t let that Heartbreak Hill get you. If you need some inspiration this should do the trick.