I’m headed out to California tomorrow and I’m totally STOKED a la Keanu Reeves in Point Break. Whooa. Or was that Keanu Reeves in Bill & Ted? The Matrix? Oh well, I’m stoked either way.

I’m off to the Golden Coast to visit Dr. H and hopefully she and I will eat, shop, and perhaps get in a little run or two. Since I love a list and this will be my final blog until I return, I have compiled a list of things I hope to see while in Cali and of course, a list of things I hope not to see while in Cali.

Things I want to see:

1. Charlie Sheen. #Winning!

2. The PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) – I want to run!

3. In-N-Out Burger – Died and gone to fatty heaven.

4. Norton Simon Museum – I love a museum and hope not to get kicked out for touching anything.

5. The Pacific Ocean dudes! Whooa.

6. Fred Segal. (Look it up fashionistas!)

7. Colorado Blvd in Pasadena

8. In-N-Out Burger – did I already mention this one?

9. The Rose Bowl

10. My old running buds, Tam and her hubs Dave!

Things I don’t want to see:

1. Charlie Sheen #Losing!

2. An earthquake (Seriously! With everything that’s going on in Japan I hope this doesn’t happen here. My heart goes out to those affected.)

3. A taping of any game show – I did this last time I was there for The Weakest Link and it was THE most boring thing EVER. No really.

4. Compton – while I may have some street cred in the suburbs of FLA, I don’t think it crosses over to tha west siiiiide.

5. Gas prices – they are so high here I’m scared to look!

6. World’s Tallest Thermometer – cause, well, zzzzzzzzz

7. ANY of the “Real Housewives” – if they were “real housewives” they wouldn’t get in fistfights in night clubs and have five maids.

8. Drugged up hippies – I kid, I kid. I’d love to see them! Kidding again. I know it’s a stereotype. Right?

9. Bears – obvious reasons.10. The Lakers – GO MAGIC!As I’m taking this vacation for some R & R, with a side of fun, the ol’ bloggy shall be quiet until my return. You all will have to be thankful for something without me on Thursday. I’m sure you can think of a few things. Have a great week and weekends kids.