April is National Stress Awareness Month and Vegas.com asked if I’d join them in writing about my favorite way to unwind and let loose.
Since many of us are “weekend warriors” stress can creep up on you at times (or just straight punch you in the throat) and you realize you are in need of some form of relief. From full time work, training, family obligations, and finances, I imagine the lot of us have some very stressful lives. This endurance family of mine (that means YOU!) sure does like to pack as much into our lives as possible.

As much as I’d love to be able to actually head to Vegas or take a vacation to somewhere quiet and soothing, my budget and closely guarded vacation days don’t always allow for that. I obviously have to find something less costly and that I can do with less logistical effort.

I’d like to say that my stress relief is working out but that’s not always the case. Sometimes I’m stressed from a tough training week and I just want to get in a bubble bath and read with a nice glass of wine. (And by nice I mean $3 Trader Joe’s. Haha.) A bubble bath is my standard go to for unwinding at home. I love reading, so a good book helps but sometimes I just want to soak til I’m prune-y and not think about anything.

I found a few stress relief tips online and figured I’d share those with guys. I cherry picked the ones I thought were the best. I mean, I suppose you could do tai chi at your desk….

  1. Meditate. I think this is where you just sorta sit quietly and say “Om. Oooooom. Oooooooooom.” Seems legit.
  2. Breathe deeply. I do this a lot when I feel like I’m going to go postal on someone. It has saved many lives.
  3. Listen to music. I don’t think they mean any club bangers here, probably some of that Enya shit.
  4. Yoga in your pjs. Because downward dog is way more fun in footed pjs while your upward actual dog licks your face.
  5. Write down your worries. I say write them down and if the list starts getting really long, then revert to #2 of this list.
  6. Think of something good that’s happened today. Duh, you read this blog.

Speaking of Vegas, I’m actually thinking about going after IM Chattanooga as a celebration/vacation. The S.O. loves him some poker and I love me some In-N-Out Burger so it’s a win-win (with a side of possibly running the Vegas 1/2).

How do you de-stress and let loose?

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!