I believe in karma. I also believe that my version is often instantaneous. For example, I’ll call someone dumb and then immediately stub my toe. Or I’ll chuckle at someone falling and I’ll run right into a door jam. It’s true. I am karma’s favorite friend. Don’t be jealous.

As I posted yesterday I have a lot of races in July. I just kept signing up for them. I couldn’t help it. I admit it. I got greedy.

So guess what? This morning while do my regular 5 miler, I felt a strange pain in my right quad. I thought it may have been a cramp because I’ve never felt anything like this. I asked my running bud to stop so I could stretch and massage. I stopped and did as such and continued on my run. It didn’t hurt, but it felt like the muscle was sore.

I could have stopped but we were halfway through and I didn’t want to walk back, plus it doesn’t hurt as much as it feels sore or bruised. After I got home I immediately WebMD’d myself (I could totally BE a WebMD at this point) to see what the deal was with a pulled quad.

Turns out that it’s not so bad. I could potentially still run, so long as it’s “easy” and the usual R.I.C.E. and such. Plus, I’ve got a massage scheduled tonight so that could help flush out some of the toxins. I’m currently all Arctic Ease wrapped and plan on some swimming tomorrow or sofa surfing. One of the two.

I actually think I may benefit from this little running set back (if it turns out to be a set back at all). If I skip my track work tomorrow and can’t run on Saturday it’s really not a big deal. Whoa. Who just said that?

Me. And you want to know why? Because now that I’ve found myself enjoying the biking and swimming, a little extra in those two can only help me in the races I’ve got lined up. I’ll be careful and watch it and if I have to jog the midnight 10K, so be it.

I’ve got bigger fish to fry.

P.S. I am not freaking out about this and I really believe it’s because I am starting to enjoy my time with Dolly and lord knows I need more practice on the bike. Will wonders never cease?

P.P.S. I had some cute photos but blogspot is being difficult. Feel free to google image the word “greedy” and pretend those are in this post.