Hey all! First, I got in about 3 miles Monday at the hills. Go ME! Second, today I have a Guest Post from Miki at runreviews.com. In addition to treadmill reviews, they have some super cool quizzes. Miki’s post discusses the use of treadmills during bad weather. We runners have that love-hate relationship with the ‘ol dreadmills don’t we? Lastly, head over to Lauren’s post at Team Giles for a Zensah giveaway. (But don’t comment as I am trying to win. Wink. Wink.)

On to the post.

“An experienced runner might say that bad weather is not that much of an issue. Of course, the road is slick and slippery, rain is surely threatening, the atrocious wind has already provided you with an almost frozen nose, but you stand by your strong motivation. If you need the pampering of an indoor running session, a treadmill always stands at your service as your most desirable accomplice.

On the other hand, what a masochist would say is to get rid of all your fears and storm out to have your most fulfilling run. There is nothing more motivating than the knee-size snow, the slippery roads, the monstrous cold wind constantly attacking you. Well, the masochist does have a point. By putting up with these extreme conditions, your body will be indeed overstressed. Though, facing the hush nature will only bring about massive body strength and extreme gratification for having a shower and hot water and also a lot of liquids that your body will surely need after this kind of exposure.

Well, not all people are capable of enduring the weather’s caprices and going to work whilst having the morning running session in wintertime. For all runners out there who need to perform daily/ weekly runs, but the weather is just not friendly, the best option you may want to consider is a treadmill.

Firstly, the accessibility will never be a problem. Weather at the gym or in your own sport room inside your own apartment, a treadmill can always be rapidly reached. There is no distance or weather problem you will ever have to face, and also no excuses. If the treadmill has made room into your life, all you need is strong motivation and your runs will never be under a question mark.

Secondly, their programs are designed to meet your needs and grievances. Thirdly, you can always be aware of the distance you are covering. The great thing about treadmill is that you can constantly check your performance, and that is always a motivation factor.

In addition, you can focus only on your run as a treadmill is always harmless. There are no rocks to beware of, no hidden tree roots under the fallen leaves and surely no pollution that could affect your respiratory tract. A treadmill provides you with a smooth and even surface that you can confide in anytime you want.

But let’s be exhaustive about this and acknowledge the main disadvantage of using a treadmill, and that is having no aim. On a treadmill, you might get the feeling you are always at the start line. It is easy for a machine like this to cut off your motivation since there is nothing to support it.

Nevertheless, if you have had at least few runs until the present moment, you should know that motivation does not reside in material aspects. It is always an internal strong process and you are the only dictator in this domain.

Natural environment is always desirable, but not always usable. And this leaves you with two options: you either face the rage of nature or you face the comfort of indoor running. It is only a matter of choice and also gratitude for the bivalence of the specter of choices that mechanical evolution has created; do not forget that if you had been born prior to 1875, you could have either tried snow running or no running at all.

While praising scientific evolution, let’s benefit by its amazing results and go have a successful fulfilling run.

Again, this article is a guest post by Miki, writer for runreviews.com, a site where you can read treadmills reviews.