Happy Sunday friends! I hope you all are having lovely weekends. I am. My 14 miler went smoothly and thank the lord P-Funk was there to run 12.85 miles of it with me. She’s not in training mode so I really appreciated the company. I swear sometimes we cannot make it through the run because we are laughing so damn much. Unfortunately, Redhead couldn’t come to Tampa this weekend, but we’ve got many runs in our future.

It was windy and cold yesterday along Bayshore but it was definitely worth the short drive to run there. It brought me back to last year’s Gasparilla Marathon and helped me mentally prepare for this year’s. I see more Bayshore runs in my future.

Last night I had a great time with a special someone. While I don’t like to divulge this kind of stuff (call me supersticious) I did get some very cute Vicky’s Secret pajamas and yummy lotions. In addition, I maui laui-ed on some Mexican food and played some craptastic Mario Kart on the Wii following a good old fashioned game of putt putt. I pretty much sucked it up at that too. I am going to get better at the Wii, I just need more practice! I was told I was going to get a KUI, that’s Karting Under the Influence, because of my crazy driving.

Tonight is one side of my family’s Christmas party. I made the most adorable Christmas cookies and can’t wait to see my cousins and grandparents. I have some good miles to get in this week so I’ll try to behave myself with the food. Then again, don’t I get the food since I am adding mileage?

Oh, one more thing. My computer got a virus. It sucks. I am using my roomie’s computer right now but if I go silent for a day or so, it’s because my PC got it’s very own version of the H1N1.

Happy Sunday kiddos.