“It’s not about how well you do…it’s about how hard you try and what kind of a person you are. And there are many things we go through, and there are many things we will triumph over…and there will be times when you’ll fall down. But there will be more times when you pull through. And you will find greatness in your life. And you will keep getting stronger every second of it.”

I received these words on a card from my good, no, make that great friend Morgan. I feel that this is a perfect sentiment for me right now and I know it will ring true with a lot of you as well.

Life and racing really are about surviving and ultimately dealing with the highs and lows that are handed to you. How we deal with the lows truly exhibit the strength of character each one of us possess.

As I get closer to the Miami Marathon I’m reminding myself that it is just a race and while I want to do well, I also want to have fun and enjoy the ride. Which is ultimately, a perfect metaphor for living life.

Happy Friday friends. Enjoy the ride.