I know that I’m a wee behind in posting but I had a long weekend followed by a long Monday and am just now getting a chance to look at blogs and catch up on your running adventures. That being said, this post is really just to direct you over to Red’s blog, Caution: Redhead Running because I feel as though we all need some happiness in our lives now and again and there is no better way to get happy than by being happy for someone else.

My heart wants to explode at the happiness I feel for her. She’s had a rough six months with her injury and has been such a trooper through it all. In addition, she’s been a great friend to me when I’ve been down or needed an ear, or shoulder, or other body part to whine/cry/lean on, etc. You get the picture.

In any event, I am just so stinkin’ happy for her and Spike that my eyeballs are sweating. Go read her blog right now and don’t forget the tissues.

Happiness happens.