Happy Tuesday friends! I’ve been trying to blog more frequently this week as I feel like I’ve been slacking. Not that you all care, but I do. I’m headed to New York on Thursday for the 2nd trip of the “Summer of B.o.B.” I have an aunt of sorts (she’s not really a blood relative, but I call her aunt) who happens to reside in Brooklyn.

As I’m not sure how much time I’ll have in front of the computer, or actually want in front of the computer I’d thought I’d do a little blogging before I leave for the Big Apple. Mmmm apples. Mmmm pizza. Mmmm New York food. (Queue Homer Simpson gurgling noise.)

First and foremost, I got a promotion at the J-O-B. I’m pretty stoked about it. It’s a bit more money and in the direction I’d like my career to go. As I don’t like to get too personal on the old blogosphere, I’ll just say that it’s a great step in the right direction.

Secondly, I’m going running while in New York. What did you think I’d take a break? Heck no. I want to keep up the running there because lord knows I’ll be eating like a mad woman. In my efforts to run while there I googled a local running group and emailed them. And low and behold they emailed me back and I’ll be running with them. How freakin’ cool is that? I love the running community. I’ll be sure to take some pics. I won’t be running in Central Park or anything because that would be very complicated logistically, but I will be running close to auntie’s house.

I am looking forward to my trip and have been looking at my itinerary. Oddly enough, most of it revolves around food. You can take the inner fat girl outta the travel but you can’t take the….yeah, that makes no sense.

Lastly, I have been feeling very drained on my 10 milers. I asked Coach EK what that was all about. He and I discussed it and both feel it is due to non-running related stress. Now that I’ve got the job thing situated and get a little break before I officially start, I’m hoping that upon my return from New York I won’t feel so sluggish and sore after my long runs. We’ll see how it goes.

Until next time, keep runnin’ and smilin.