We’ve hit the home stretch, only twenty days to go until Ironman Chattanooga. I was thinking about it this morning and I realized that while my official training didn’t start until May, I actually began training in January. I’ve worked really hard on all three disciplines but I’ve focused a lot on the bike. I got to ride with a friend I haven’t ridden with since last year and she commented on how much I’ve improved. That was a huge compliment. Thank you Susan! 
Here’s a recap of my training.
The bike: I’ve done four pretty big rides, with some 60 and 80 mile rides sprinkled in. That’s two centuries. One ride of 104 miles, and one ride of 90 miles. In addition to my four big rides, I’ve done many short bricks and weekday trainer sessions. I admit I’ve fallen off a bit on the weekday stuff here in the last couple of weeks. My long rides where I didn’t draft were a little over 16 MPH average.
The run: I’ve completed two 20 mile runs and one 22 mile run. I’ve done three 18 milers and built up to those with some 15 and 16 mile runs. Plus, all of the shorter recovery, brick, and tempo runs during the week. Most of my long runs have been in the 10:00/mile range.
The swim: I’m not sure the 5K swim in January counts toward this training but it was a good gauge for me and helped me understand that I definitely needed to train more for the 2.4 mile swim than I previously thought. I’ve been really consistent with 3,000 yard swims and have added in several 3,500 yards and a 4,000 yards swim. I did a 2,200 yard straight swim in 38:41 which is about a 1:45/100.
I’ve learned a lot about myself during all of this training. I’ve learned what stresses me out and what works for me. I’m really happy that I have gotten this far and feel mostly prepared. I know race day will be whatever it will be and I’m feeling pretty calm. I’m more excited to race now that the “big” workouts are behind me. Nothing to it, but to do it.
How was your weekend? Congrats to all of you who raced this weekend. There were a ton of you! Shout outs to my True North, Katie, for kicking ass at the 70.3 World’s, Erin for placing 4th in her division at IMWI, and training friends Chris and Heather for braving the hills of Muskoka 70.3!