Oh-em-gee, where did the weekend go? How the crap is it already Sunday? I’ve had one of the busiest weekends ever. It’s my own fault though because I have the worst secretary. She double booked me and thusly I fired her sorry butt. Ok, fine I am my own secretary.
I basically told everyone I’d be at their event this weekend and didn’t realize all of these events were on the same day. Needless to say, B.o.B. is one tired girl. Happy and tired, so no worries.

First things first, a special thanks to Speedy Jess for posting on Thursday. It’s safe to say that all of us are thankful for food. Mmmm pizza…mmm.

Speaking of Speedy Jess, she referred me to a podiatrist who said my injury was a neuroma. A neuroma is like a bundle of nerves that get all ouchie and bunched up. He gave me a shot of some B12 concoction and I feel 99% better. While I am skeptical of the method, he did discuss other things with me so that this Old Wonky won’t reoccur for the rest of my life.

Then, I did the hot yoga on Thursday night again and am really feeling stronger and I just love it. It’s so intense and it’s a great core workout. Please give it a try if you have one in your hood.

On Saturday I got my ten miler in. I’m happy to report I ran all ten pain free and feel fine this AM. Other than the fact that I stayed out a wee bit too late last night I feel good. Queue James Brown and happy dance.

After the run on Saturday I headed to Orlando for a good friend’s graduation party. He graduated with his Master’s and I couldn’t be happier for him. His family is adorable and we had some of the best Latin food I have ever had. (A bonus of living in Florida is all of the Latin cuisine! Yum-o!)

On the way to Orlando I had to make a stop in another town to return my friend’s bike that I had used for the tri. Now I am “fast” bike-less and must start the hunt for a bike of my own….More on that laters.

Immediately at 4 PM I had to drive back to Tampa for a charity event that my mom and her friends were hosting. It was for the Guardian Ad Litem program and people brought unwrapped toys. Of course, there were drinks and snacks and more drinks. We also played some pool. I am quite terrible. Probably the worst pool player who ever lived. So at least I’m winning at being worst. It was quite fun and I really gotta thank all of the BRA runners who came out.

But the night didn’t end there. Some of us followed up the event with a little clubbing. I danced my booty off (well not all it, that would take a while). The DJ was awesome and played, everything from AC/DC to Michael Jackson to Fifty (Fitty?) Cent.

And here I am today at the ‘puter all tired with a big cup of joe.

With the ankle/foot feeling better I’m cautiously optimistic that I can resume training for MCM and start increasing the mileage. We’ll see how it goes.

Happy Sunday runners.