Just a quick little post here to report that I completed 16 miles today. Me and the Two K’s started early for 6 and then the rest of the BRA joined in for 10. I started feeling it in my legs at about mile 8 and I remembered the fabulous wall trick.

When I first started running I believe V told me about this trick and it works wonders. Basically you scooch (is that an actual word?) your booty as close to a wall as possible and put your legs straight up. Stay in this position for 15 minutes. It apparently helps the blood circulate and with it, the lactic acid. It really helps with the soreness. Try. (See below. Don’t my blue toesies look cute? Just in time for GATOR football.)

Be warned though. When you do this, your dog may think it’s play time. (See below again.)

Have a great Saturday kids. And bonus to those who know the song that my blog title refers to….