Hey friends of my mom, B.o.B. It’s me again. The Lloydster. Lloyd-a-rama. Lloydski. Lloyd Monster. It’s me, Lloyd. I don’t want you all thinking this is mom typing this cause I have some important stuff to discuss with you all and I’ve once again snuck onto the computer while she’s out doing whatever it is that she does in her tight clothing. Only this time, it seems to be extra tight clothing.

Clothing. Meh. It’s for the humans.

Anyway non-furry friends, I’d like to know what the heck has gotten into Mom this time. I’ve never seen her like this. Sure, she’s been all weird before she comes home with one of those big, shiny, metal necklaces, but this time she’s super weird.

I’ve noticed her taking out that wheeled contraption from the guest room and hauling it down the stairs, and up the stairs, down the stairs, and up the stairs. I thought it was a new coat rack but apparently she just likes wheeling it around. She’s always very tense when she leaves with it.

And I’ve noticed that she sometimes comes home with her head fur all wet and again with the extra tight clothing.

It’s all quite strange really.

This week she’s been tossing and turning in my bed and eating all sorts of junk. (Although, I don’t mind the last part too much as I’m getting some Cheez-Its tossed my way.) It’s like she’s preparing to go to war or something.

All I know is that, again, she’s disrupting my belly rubs, naps, and sleeping in. Please let me know how I can help this new deranged woman who has taken over my mom’s body. And as per usual, don’t let her know I stole the computer again. I mean it. This is my serious face.

Your help is appreciated. And as such I may even let you pet my belly.