Remember waaaaay back when I did a Bikram yoga class? (Here’s the post if you don’t.) Well, with the return of Old Wonky, I figured I would get my butt back into the yoga studio for stretching and sweaty.

Instead of Bikram this time, I did a hot flow yoga. It’s still in a heated room, but you do a different set of poses. There was still downward facing dog, child’s pose, and shama-lama-asama-ding-dong (okay I made that last one up)so it’s very similar. I enjoyed the instructor much more at this one. Even though she still did all that spiritual stuff, I got a great work out.

I used to be a much more spiritual person but my Type A personality seems to get in the way of that sometimes. And as per usual at the end of class while everyone lie there, eyes closed, all post-yoga trance-y, I looked around and wondered if I had time to get to the grocery store and get home in time to write my blog and what would I wear to work tomorrow and why can’t I run yet and….yes, it’s exhausting being me. Some things will never change I guess. Although, this time I did purchase a package so it’ll force me to go back and keep stretching. In addition to the stretching I really got a great core work out. The multiple planks and holding a squat position for a while will really get you sweating!

Navy Steve went with me, and as a first time yoga participant he did very well. He got into the upright headstand that I didn’t even attempt! It’s definitely an odd experience the first time because you don’t know all the moves and have to look around a lot, but it’s a series so you soon remember them. Afterward he said he felt the benefit of the stretching and core work.

As you all can see, I’m trying to occupy my time during this stupid Old Wonky reemergence. It’s annoying. I swear that when I got in my car today after work REM was singing “Everybody hurts….sometimes” just for me. Anway, I’m going to give it a go on Saturday with a very short practice run. If it’s still on Full Wonk, then it’s back to the bike I go. I don’t want to re-injur of course, but I am chomping at the bit to run again.

I hope you all have amazingly stupendous Fridays.

I leave you with this yoga video for inspiration.