I am sore.

I am not just post tough run lower body sore, I am sore in my back, my arms, my shoulders, my legs. And you wanna know something totally ca-razy? It’s from yoga. Bikram’s yoga to be more specific. For those of you haven’t heard of it, it’s also known as hot yoga. I will mostly refer to it from here on out as HOT DAMN YOGA! (I also toyed with calling it sweat-your-ass-off-yoga but that seemed a bit long. Kind of like this post.)

Basically Hot Damn Yoga is a 90 minute class that is done in a room heated to about 100 degrees with a humidity of 40%. It has 27 different postures that you perform either 2 or 3 times with 20 second rests in between each one. Each pose is difficult in itself but when done in a super hot room, it becomes so intense that you could pass out. The instructor of my class said, “If you feel nauseated take a break and lie down. It’s normal. If you don’t feel nauseated, keep trying maybe it’ll happen for you too.”

This dude named Bikram Choudhury created it. He has some good thought behind the room being heated and behind doing the postures more than once. I won’t get in to all that. You can google that at your leisure.

One of my besties JCru and I discussed doing this class on Sunday while the other bestie went to work. It was actually my idea to try it out and she’s usually game for this kind of stuff. We had no idea what to expect. We were told to bring towels and lots of water. We got a tad bit lost on the way there but finally found it.

We went into the class room and set up our mats with our towels on top of them. Apparently, we were going to sweat too much to just be on our mats. I can only imagine sliding around on them like a jelly fish without the towel.

The instructor was a large man who while on the one hand seemed friendly when we got there, became very intense and almost like a drill sargent when he got started. I instantly liked him. (FYI, I love authority and intensity. Especially in a workout!)

The class began with some breathing stuff. Which, as you know, I could do without. Breathing, smeathing, I want to sweat!

Oh don’t you worry kids, about 20 minutes in I was sweatier than I was at all of my summer time long runs put together. In fact when we finished JCru and I looked like we had just stepped out of the shower, but not a normal get clean and fresh shower, it was a stinky get stretchy shower. Gnarly! And intense! I love it.

The cool thing about the heated room is that your muscles get so warm that by the third time doing the posture you are like a rubber band. Touch my toes? No problem. Hey look at me! I can wrap my leg around my head! Take that Grandma Moses at the regular yoga!

Now, I am not saying it isn’t hard. It is. Extremely. And if you aren’t prepared for the intensity of Hot Damn Yoga then stay out of the kitchen. (Heh. Couldn’t resist.) Actually at one point I looked at JCru and she mouthed the words “I hate you” to me. I liken this reaction to child birth, not that I have kids, but I imagine it’s similar. During the process you hate everyone but after you feel all magical.

The only drawback is that 90 minutes is a little long. But the major plus side to this yoga was that at the end of the class he said, “This is the relaxation portion of the class. When you are done relaxing you may leave.”

What now what? No ten minutes of required relaxation?

Oh Hot Damn Yoga, you are the yoga for me.