My week in workouts went very well considering I had a long break in New Orleans that spilled over into Monday because I was pooped from flying directly home early that morning and going straight to work. I learned a lesson there: just take the day off.
Monday – Rest day out of sheer exhaustion.
Tuesday – 2,000 meter swim in the AM. Track practice at night was a seriously tough workout! The intervals were 2,000, 1,000, then 2,000. That last 2,000 was tough and I felt really sick at the end of this workout for a good fifteen minutes. I think I was dehydrated. Lesson learned. Again.
Wednesday – Swam 2,700 yards in the AM and did a hard trainer ride in the PM. I’m catching up on Game of Thrones right now and man I hate that Joffrey!
Thursday – I REALLY wanted to get in another double but I chose to sleep instead. However, my 6 mile run Thursday evening was awesome. I ran with my very fast Italian friend Laura and we negative split the whole thing big time.
Friday – I wanted to get in the whole master’s workout and hit at least three grand. I wound up swimming 3,300 yards.
Saturday – Rode 56 miles with a few friends. The pace was a little easier than I have been riding so I felt great throughout the ride. It got windy in some spots but not too bad and I feel strong enough to do this by myself come HITS 70.3 in two weeks.
Miss Amanda and I post 56 miles.
Sunday – Sarasota Half Marathon. I felt great on this run and pushed the pace more than I had originally intended. Full recap tomorrow.
Happy Monday AND Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m Irish so feel free to buy a green beer.