Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a lovely Wednesday. I myself cannot complain. This week is going swimmingly (even though I haven’t swum). Hardy har har. Anyway, P-Funk and I got in some cross training action on Monday due to thunderstorms and yesterday Hollster, P-Funk, and I got in a 5 miler super early.

Basically, nothing new. (Training for MCM will start soon enough, so let’s all enjoy my nice weekly runs until I become a maniac again, shall we? Mmmkay.)

I have got to get out and hit the road on my bike. July is going to creep up out of nowhere and I’m gonna get dusted in that tri. Here’s hoping my swimming skills can at least keep me from coming in dead last.

On a super side note, I have a question for you all. I recently came across a fan page on facebook called “How to date an endurance athlete.” Pretty funny right? It got me thinking, are we difficult to date or be married to? I know a lot of you have significant others who aren’t runners, swimmers, or bikers. How do they feel about your passion for these events? And have you ever gotten them to do an event with you?

I just figured this would be good food for thought. (Any may or may not apply to my life. Wink. Wink.)