Well kids, I officially made it through my first day of my new job. Not too bad. I found all of the important places: the bathroom, break room, and cafeteria. I also, per P-Funk’s advice, made good choices.

I worked the other job last night and had an awesome time watching the EMO’s jam out and granting wishes of those wanting to be in VIP. But, alas tonight I am one sleepy girl.

My plans for the weekend include: 10 mile run in AM, team meeting for Ragnar Relay, UF football game (here I come Swamp!), and maybe some rest.

We are only two weeks away from Ragnar and it looks like I have 16+/- miles combined on my three legs. No, no, I have two actual legs. But I am running three times. Keep up people.

Anyway, I am going to try and fit in some two-a-days to prepare. Any other suggestions from those of you who have done similar races? They would be most appreciated.

Have a great weekend my lovelies. Run on!