I have been in training this week and thus my posting has been sporadic. I ask you all to bear with me while I finish up training and get on a more regular schedule.

Speaking of regular, due to my goofy training schedule I have been running in the morning and today, I had to go.

Number Two. Not a bathroom in sight for two miles. Ouch.

Anyway, yesterday, I did a nice little treadmill run (not calling it dreadmill for this post). While running on the treadmill yesterday and during today’s, shall we say, “clincher” I thought of a short list of why the treadmill could be a runner’s best friend. List time. Yippee!

1. Bathrooms are always accessible near a treadmill. Funny how that works isn’t it? No treadmills in the great wide open, but lots of places to go #1 or #2 or #3 (combo of #1 and #2).

2. Perfect weather. No rain, clouds, lightning, hail, snow, sleet, or even wind! (Unless you count that random fan some gyms have.) It’s always clear skies and cool temps in treadmill land. Sweet!

3. TV. America’s real past time is TV watching and you can watch to your heart’s content while on the ‘mill. I personally enjoy VHI in the morning. They actually play music videos!

4. Clothing optional. If your treadmill is at home, feel free to run in the buff. I am sure Fido appreciates the view (and no I don’t mean the one with Whoopi and Joy.)

5. Non-matching clothing. I run at my apartment complex treadmill and since I don’t know anyone and don’t care about them seeing me, I wear the tackiest, weirdest running clothes I have available. I am not wasting my cute outfits on the treadmill!

6. People watching. Most treadmills are at gyms and thus, the people watching is amazing. It’s like a parade of monkeys that move past you, versus you being the monkey while running the streets. Don’t forget the popcorn!

7. This goes without saying but being able to see your pace, calories burned, incline, heart rate, etc. all huge and illuminated in front of you is pretty nice. Heck, you can even look over at the person’s next to you just to make sure that you, are in fact, more awesome.

8. Did I mention the bathroom? Right there? Go at any time.

9. Run at any time. Day, night, weekends, weekdays. The treadmill is never too scary at night and you can run alone without fear of being kidnapped.

10. No traffic! No cars, bicycles, strollers, “Sunday walkers”, big growling dogs, etc. You don’t have to swerve to avoid crazy tots on bikes nor do you have to worry about speeding maniacs. Unless of course, your gym is next to a bar.

OK, so the treadmill can’t beat outdoor running, but it’s a nice alternative during times when I can’t meet the running group or get my run in before it’s too dark for this scaredy cat to get out there.

I hope you all are having a great week. Special thanks to the Veteran’s out there. You served us proudly and we thank you! Happy Veteran’s Day!