I’m not gonna beat around the bush here (this pun will make you laugh later, just wait), this post is about underwear (see, funny?). And lady underwear to be more specific. So, if lady stuff skeeves you out, please come back another day.
Let’s Begin.
I was emailed by a company called Dear Kate and given a pair of undies in exchange for a review.* I don’t write reviews on everything I am sent but this product stuck out to me. Dear Kate makes lingerie that is functional for women. Their website describes their underwear as being made by women for women. It’s made from a patent-pending fabric as “a better alternative to “period panties” and embarrassing mishaps.”
They had me at “period panties.”
If you are now skeeved out and need to leave, go right ahead. We’ll wait.
First of all, I thought my sister and I were the only ones who had special underwear that we dubbed “period panties.” Apparently, not. In case you don’t use this vernacular, I’m sure you know these underwear as the ones you wear during your monthly visit in case there are any accidents and your “protection” from the crimson tide goes, well, south.
Second of all, I have heard that some ladies, especially post pregnancy have some bladder leaking issues. There is no shame in that because as a triathlete, we like to pee all the time and anywhere**, so these panties are good for that type of issue as well.
Lastly, imagine how these babies will save your clothes! No more hoping that during the day, nothing goes awry and you get that old, “Hey, uh, you have something on your pants…” comment. That is THE worst! I wish I would have had a pair of these in my tweens when everything was so new and hard to figure out!
Dear Kate sent me a pair called the Hazel Sport Hipster mini. The “mini” refers to the lining. The lining in the “mini’s” covers just the “high-risk portion of the undies.”
Photo from Dear Kate website.
This pair is designed for working out but since most of my running shorts have the underwear lining I didn’t actually run in them. I did, however, sleep in them and they are super comfortable. I was concerned that the thicker lining would feel heavy and diaper-ish, but that was definitely not the case. They are stain releasing so you can machine wash them and they come in other colors.
I gotta tell you, I think this product is genius. They are very comfortable and durable. We like washing clothes a lot at our house.
The only thing I don’t really love about these are the price. This pair is $34. Now, I know that you can get a lot of high end undies around that same price and there are a lot of us who buy the VS buy five for $35 deals. However, when you think about how often your throw those out, this is much more cost effective. I like to think of these as the designer jeans of underwear. You definitely get bang for your buck.
The really good news is that Dear Kate has offered a discount just for you, Dear Discombobulated Readers. Now through May 15th you can get 25% off by entering the code “iheartfinishlines.” That’s a HUGE discount in my opinion.
Go forth and shop friends. They have lots of other styles and items to choose from. I think it’s time for a “period panty” revolution!
*That was my disclaimer but just in case you missed it…I was given a pair of Dear Kate underwear in exchange for a review. My opinions are my own and I don’t write reviews on crap I don’t like.
**Ok, so we don’t actually pee all the time and anywhere, but definitely on the bike and occasionally on the run.