With another triathlon season looming I’m hoping to spare you all from another 900 posts about how I’m a cycling wussy. I’m really working on my mental game and not worrying about how fast or slow I ride. As I discussed in this post, most of my bike fear isn’t about my actual ability but more about embarrassment and falling down. I’m fairly confident I’ve gotten most of that falling down stuff out of the way. *Knocks on wood*

For those of you not on Daily Mile (DM) it’s worth checking out because it’s a good way to log your workouts, rather than just using the Garmin graphs. DM sometimes posts these questions or “Daily Missions” and today’s mission was “What one word best describes how cycling makes you feel?” Of course I answered anxious and vomity but upon further thought I don’t really feel that way once I get going.

I totally stole this from DM, but when I do get going on the bike, I feel more like this:

Remember how much Pee Wee loved his bike? I have to admit it was pretty BA, even if he did go looking for it in the basement of the Alamo. I digress, I mean I feel like that in a good way. Once I get going, especially when I’m riding by myself, I do get a certain amount of pleasure out of cycling. When I’m at the paved trail I really enjoy looking at the scenery and being out with all that nature. (Yes, I said “that nature.”)

As I move forward with tri training I’m going to think of Pee Wee and his love of that crazy ass red bicycle. If you hear a loud “Heh-heh!” during this tri season. Don’t worry, it’s just me.