Oh my God. Becky, look at her stride.
It is so fast.
She looks like one of those runner types.
But you know, who understands those runner types?
She only runs because she likes to eat.
Kay? I mean her sprint, she’s just so out there.
I mean ugh, look – she’s just so fast!
I like speed work and I cannot lie
You other runners can’t deny
That when a girl sprints in with a speedy speedy pace
and a ponytail in your face
you get mad
want to race out tough
cause you notice that foot was stuffed
deep in the shoes she’s wearin’
she’s hooked and you can stop starin’
oh baby I wanna pace with ya
and take yo picture
my homeboys tried to warn me
but that pace you set makes me so ornery
ooh, speedy demon
you say you wanna run with my friends?
well chase me, chase me
cause I ain’t that average lady
I see you racin’
to hell with that pacin’
she’s sweat, sweat
got it goin’ like a turbo jet
I’m happy with magazines
Sayin’ speed work is the thing
Take the average runner and ask him that
You gotta pack the track
So Runners (YEAH!) Runners (YEAH!)
Did your speed work make the cut? (HELL YEAH!)
Then race it! Race it! Race it! Race it!
Race that healthy butt!
Baby got track!

I apologize in advance if my retooling of the classic Baby Got Back offends anyone’s musical sensibilities. But, oh well. Head over to the Runner’s Lounge for the Redhead’s awesome interview.

TGIF! Best of luck with those weekend long runs peeps!