I like stuff. I also like things. These things used to only include make-up, dresses, good* jeans, high heels, various beauty products to make me: less shiny, pimple free, and have silky, silky hair. Since become a running addict (“Hello, my name is B.o.B. and I’m a running addict.”) I have expanded my materialistic ways to running clothes, shoes, magazines, races, gadgets and various supplements.

Lucky for me, there are gobs of running related products out there. Lucky for you, I will attempt to try all of them. Ok, well not me personally but I figure I can at least help us all out by posting links to other bloggers who do product reviews. Here is the first issue of I like stuff, brought to you by your fellow bloggers and you!

The Running Fat Guy reviews heart rate monitors. Here and here.
Chasin’ Bunnies reviews Nuun.
Honey Stinger as reviewed by Run Faster Mommy blogger Heather.
The Un-athletic Runner reviews Joint Juice.
The Runner Dude tries The Right Stuff.

I am going to try to do this periodically as I see a bunch of products being tested and reviewed by various bloggers. Feel free to email a post if you do a review yourself. This is so great b/c that way I won’t overdose on new energy gels and will still have money for groceries!

* Good jeans are the pricey ones that make your buns look like steel.

P.S. Head over to I Run Because I Can to enter to win a sweet bag from High Sierra.