I did it! I got my Level 1 USATF coaching certificate. So now it’s officially, official. I know everything! Kidding. I know a lot more than I did and I’ll fill you all in on this course and why I think it’s beneficial.
I chose USATF because the timing worked best for me and I wanted to get down to basics before I started specializing. I do want to complete an “endurance running specific” program as well, but this was a perfect first step. This course is really back to basics and fundamentals. Sure it spends gobs of time on the field events that I may never, ever need to know, but it also spends time on biomechanics and coaching objectives. It’s really a great fundamental course for anyone interested in coaching.
Over two very long days I learned a lot. I learned how important posture is in all running events – from sprints to distance to hurdling. I learned the five primary abilities that must be addressed in training. I learned about muscle fibers, and lactate threshold and how to design training plans. I learned I never want to coach the hammer throw, because man, that ish is scary. (You could literally kill someone with it!) I learned that I should always wear pants to anything that involves a classroom because it’s ALWAYS freezing. Quite frankly, I learned so much that I thought my head was going to explode by the end of the second day.
Yes, some of this stuff I already knew. But a lot of it helped me understand everything on a deeper level. I am a big nerd and so I really enjoyed learning about all the subjects.
Is this course for everyone? Probably not, but I’m happy I took it and look forward to learning and growing even more. If you have any questions on the course, feel free to drop me an email or ask in the comments. Happy to help!