You guys are amazing. Like kick-ass amazing. Thanks so much for all of the cyber hugs and support. Your comments brought so many smiles to my face today that my cheeks hurt.

In your honor I am hosting a give-a-way. Just because you all enrich my life and are so freakin’ sweet, I got a freakin’ toothache and therefore want to give you some ish.

Anyway, this give-a-way will be like a B.o.B.’s favorites give-a-way! (I’m like Oprah, only poorer and without Obama’s cell number. So sorry, no cars.) It will include the AWESOME Magic Powder , the STUPENDOUS Turbo Snake , and probably some other random crap that I find useful or hilarious.

This is my way of saying truly, honestly THANK YOU. I wish I could give you all a little something but again, not Oprah.

Oh and the only thing you have to do is comment and tell me something nice you did for someone else besides me today.

For example: “Hey B.o.B. I wanna win that powder and I totally told my co-worker today that her hair looked awesome!”


“B.o.B. you are so cool. There, that’s my nice thing. I want that clogged-drain-free life you are livin’!”

This seriously sweet contest ends on Sunday. I’m sorry people from Europe, Asia, Africa, Antarctica, South America, Pongo Pongo, Mars, Pluto, Abu Dabi, The Fertile Crescent, Australia, New Zealand, Sesame Street and Lilliput, but I just can’t afford that shipping. I will totally send you cyber hugs instead.

Happy running and thanks again.