Ever since the Gasparilla 15K my left leg hasn’t been right, no pun intended. I at first thought it was my knee or my IT band but after really paying attention to it, it’s actually my left hamstring on the back side of my leg just above the back of the knee.

(The picture is just to show where the hammy is. I don’t have a tear.)

I finally broke down and went to see a doctor today. I found an awesome sports doctor who is also the doctor to the Tampa Bay Bucs. I had a feeling he wasn’t going to tell me to RICE or stop working out like many “regular” doctors will. He also knew which exact race I was doing when I told him I was most concerned about my tri next month. You gotta love a doc who knows the local race circuit.

Basically the doctor said since Gasparilla was so hot I was probably dehydrated and that factors into a lot of injuries. He said he’s been seeing a lot of folks who ran that race and tweaked something here or there. He had me lie on my stomach on the table and bend first my right leg toward him and then my left leg. He said he could see where the left hammy wasn’t firing as it should be.

Overall the prognosis isn’t terrible. He prescribed physical therapy and told me not to run. He also told me to ice and NOT to stretch it. The good news is that I can still cycle and swim but I’m going to cut some of the spinning down because the resistance training seems to trigger it. I actually look forward to the PT because I’ve seen a lot of great results from you all who have gone to it. Hooray for health insurance!

The doc also mentioned how rational I seemed about the healing process. Heh. I’m not really panicked about this injury for a few reasons. First of all, I’ve been injured before. I’ll heal and life will go on. I do these races to stay in shape and have fun. Not to make myself permanently hurt. Secondly, it could always be worse. The doc said it wasn’t too bad and that I’d be good to go before St. Anthony’s. Lastly, all I really want is to be healthy for a 70.3 in the fall.

As far as the relay is concerned next week I’ve got a few options and at least by then I’ll have given myself a full two weeks of rest.

Have a great weekend peeps! Me, Dolly, and the pool are going to be spending a lot of time together…..