Holy crap I haven’t blogged in almost two weeks! My bad friends and stalkers. My new job sort of required that I pay attention to it (AKA – not blogging from my cube). I’ve had a TON of fun the last two weeks and I feel like I need to give you all an update. Pretend you care.
Going all the way back to Valentine’s Day weekend, I headed to Jacksonville to host the Momentum Jewelry booth and meet lots of runners participating in the Donna Marathon. I LOVE the Momentum line and jumped at the chance to work their booth. I got to meet some Interweb friends: Bari & Jax Joe. And I got to see Krissy!
That same weekend, after I got home, I joined a large group of running friends for a group run in my ‘hood. It was so awesome to run with a big group again and the weather was perfect for it.
Thanks to Angelo for setting this up!
Moving forward to last week, I started my new job and so far so good. I’m pretty stoked that I get to read and write all day long. It really is a fantastic fit for what I want to do with my career. Not to mention that when someone asked what I do for a living, I got to answer, “I’m a copywriter.” Pretty exciting for my inner writer nerd.
I did get some good weekday runs and workouts. My friend Eva and I even managed to get outside for the record cold day in our area. (Yes, I know some of you scoff at 34, but that is cold to us Floridians!)
Ok, so we bailed after two miles…
And now this brings us to last weekend. My birthday weekend! The S.O. and I didn’t do much on Friday night because he was racing the Gasparilla 15K on Saturday and I had a long run scheduled. As per usual he smoked his race and got a new PR. My dude can run! Unfortunately, my long run felt awful and I’m still perplexed as to why. Oh well, it happens, right?
After my long run, I headed to the Special Olympics to volunteer. This event always helps by way of perspective as these athletes are so positive and inspiring. It really reminds you what sports are all about: teamwork, accomplishment, staying healthy, and most importantly, having fun! The Special Olympics is such an amazing event and I’m so proud of these athletes. I cannot think of a better way to spend a Saturday.
My favorite ribbon ever. Hands down.
Finally, last night for my actual birthday, we headed to the Tampa Theatre for Hollywood Awards Night. The Tampa Theatre is a historic theatre and they host an annual event on the night of the Oscars where everyone dresses up, walks the red carpet, and watches them on the big screen. Since I love the Oscars and movies this was a perfect way to celebrate my birthday with friends.
The S.O. and I (we clean up, right?)

Meghan, Myself, and Tori. LOVE them.
Our version of the celebrity group selfie.
I wish I had taken a big group shot because I have lot of pics with one friend at a time but not one of all of us. D’oh! Oh well, I’ll remember that for the next big get together.
As for the awards themselves: Gaga killed it, Laura Dern and Rosamund Pike get my best dressed vote, ScarJo and Rosanna Arquette get worst (Sorry! Her speech was amazing though!), NPH did pretty well over all, the show is still too long for me to stay awake for the whole thing, and the Everything is Awesome performance was in fact, awesome.
I’d have to say that 34 was a fantastic year. I cannot believe that I’m 35! I am a real adult. I can say stuff like, “I have to go to bed now. I’m 35 years old!” Haha. I love birthdays and have no qualms about celebrating them to their fullest, obviously. I also believe age is a gift and we are lucky to grow older. So…happy birthday to me!
Xoxo! Have a great week!