I ran the best long run of my life yesterday. The weather was awesome and I was comfortably cool the entire time. I had 22.5 on deck and started at 4:30 AM. I am not exactly sure what got in to me the first 12 miles but I was cruising.

As I ran along I kept thinking “Well this pace is going to kick me in the butt any time now.” And surprisingly, it didn’t.

All I can say is that I needed this.

I needed to have a confidence booster and I needed my legs to wake up. I can only hope that the weather in D.C. will be as great as it was here yesterday. I’m looking forward to this race and again must remind myself that thar be hills the first 8 miles. I haven’t been running hills due to Old What’s-His-Name so I’m going to be like Foghat. Slow ride, take it easy….

I just looked up the entertainment for the race and this jumped out at me:

“The Band of Brothers (BOB) USMC Riding Club was established on November 10, 2002 at the Iwo Jima Memorial Wreath Laying Ceremony. BOB is made up of retired, former and active duty Marines and FMF Corpsman. BOB is dedicated to supporting veterans, Marine Corps-related functions and charitable organizations in order to keep POW/MIA awareness alive. The purpose of the club is to foster a brotherhood dedicated to veterans and the sport of motorcycle riding. Motorcycles will ride alongside runners on Army-Navy Drive between mile 23 and 24.”
Pretty freakin’ cool right? Not only is this group called BOB, but it is also a motorcycle club. I may have mentioned that my dad was a HUGE motorcylce enthusiast and raced them. I am going to be looking for these guys at mile 23 and 24, which is more than likely when I’ll need them most! Just the sound of motorcycles make me happy. The rest of the entertainment on the course looks awesome as well. If only Mr. President would put down the cigs and come out for a jog. Ha ha ha. (Sorry O, just makin’ sure you quit the nasty smoking.)The last looooong run is in the bank. I’ve mentally prepped as much as I can. The airline tickets are purchased, hotel room booked. All I’ve got to do now is taper. Hope you all had great weekends. Good luck to those racing today!