If any of you have ever watched Chappelle’s Show then you know all about Charlie Murphy, Eddie Murphy’s brother. You also know that Charlie and Eddie used to hang out with Rick James in the l980’s. (You can watch some of the video here, just in case you live under a rock.)

I basically liken myself to Rick James while I am riding the bicycle. The entire time I am on it I am thinking:

F@ck yo’ bicycle Charlie Murphy!

Seriously. I just can’t get comfortable. While I am getting more comfortable turning and going faster, my booty and lady parts are not. My “under-carriage” just can’t get comfortable. Guess I just need to get this ankle healed as soon as possible so people will stop looking at me like I am crazy as I ride by them talking like Rick James.

What did the five fingers say to the face? SLAP!

I did get to run a nice 4 miler on Saturday while the Redhead and the rest of the BRA did their long runs. No ankle issues, thankfully. However, I got an awesome case of the PC’s (poopie cramps) and it’s because I fell off of the nutrition bus last week. Like, fell off so far I got tire marks down my back.

Cookies in the break room? Sure, I’ll have some! Chocolate cake for a co-worker’s birthday? Sign me up! Taco bell for lunch? Why yes, that sounds like a great idea!

The milk’s gone bad!

Ugh. My stomach is not happy. Must get back on track for the two weeks before I go on Eat Fest 2009 in Chicago.

They should have never given ya’ll n’s money!

I am seriously so excited for the two week countdown to Chi-town. It’s going to be difficult concentrating during this next two weeks. I hope you all had great weekends and great races! I am off to read your reports.

She’s a very kinky girl ….