I’m running a few days behind as I’ve been fairly busy at work lately. Not a complaint though, I love writing. I had an amazing October and sucked every last bit of Halloween fun out of it. I’m always so sad to see it go. But, here we are in NOVEMBER. Holy crap the year is flying. Get those stretchy holiday pants ready friends!

Here’s how my October went:

Run 84 miles. I’ve officially started training for the RnR Nola 26.2 so this monthly mileage will be going up, up and away…

Bike Seriously? What’s a bike?
Swim 5 miles. The Tampa Bay Frogman 5K Swim cometh… You still have time to donate to the Navy SEAL Foundation!
Strength 4 sessions with Coach Jon & the Tribe.
Yoga I touched my toes one time.
Races Rock N Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon & Cocoa Beach Half Marathon. Plus, the University of Tampa Master’s Swim Meet.
Current Reads I finished, The Silent Girls, In the Woods, and  In a Dark, Dark Wood. All murder mysteries. I enjoyed In the Woods the most of the three. I guess I’m feeling that genre right now. I picked up two new books at Barnes and Noble over the weekend so we’ll see how they are for November.
Current Obsession Getting sponsors and donations for the Special Olympics event I’m helping with. It’s called Jack Over Ice and it’s in December so it’s pretty important to get everything done this month. If you’re in Tampa check it out, it’s going to be a great event!
Current Song I can’t stop listening to Mackelmore’s Downtown. But it’s really because of the man who sings the main hook. Yes, that’s a dude! His name is Eric Nally, and his voice is out of this world good. 

Current Need More hours in the day? It’s that time of year where everything starts to get insane. Send help.

Current Triumph First time swimming a double master’s swim. I did the 4:45 AM workout and then did the exact same workout with the 6 AM crew. Not as bad as I thought it would be.
Current Bain of My Existence Swim fins that cut the crap out of my toe after above mentioned double swim.
Current Goal 100 miles running this month.  
Current Indulgence Halloween candy that has GOT to go.
Current Blessings Donations from friends and family to causes I support. It means a lot. Thank you!
Current Excitement Las Vegas next week!!!!