I haven’t been given one of these awards in a while and so I was feeling pretty pumped to see that I was awarded a very cool one by none other then the lovely Denise at Run DMT. I randomly met Denise when I was running my 2nd marathon. She was so adorable and lively and was actually vlogging on the run. Turned out we had a mutual friend at the time and I had no idea that I’d become a blogger one day too.

Anywho, the fabulous mommy blogger awarded me this:

Ooooh la la! I’m stylish.

In accepting this prestigious award I must share 7 things about myself with you all. I know, I know you already know entirely TOO much about me but I figured what the heck? I’ve already shared enough to get myself a few stalkers, some angry glares, and possibly a few “you-poor-things.” And we all know that the last of those is Southern for “you’re an idiot.”

Without further ado, 7 things (YAY FOR A LIST!):

1. I thought the words to the Kenny Loggins song from Top Gun were “Hide-away to the danger zone!” Of course they are actually, “Highway to the danger zone!” I’m not sure where he was hiding in an F15, but whatever, highway just doesn’t have the same ring.

2. My favorite bad movie that I must watch anytime it’s on is Anaconda. It’s so bad, it’s hilarious. Oh my gawd, John Voight equals worst. accent. ever.

3. I really want to go on Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune. I’m not sure that I’d win at either but I do a damn fine job playing along at home, if I do say so myself.

4. I flipped my mom a bird when I was three because I didn’t want to help clean up watermelon seeds I had spit out by the pool. I didn’t truly know what it meant but I knew it was bad. And yes, I was in big trouble after that and no, my mom hasn’t gone completely gray-haired from raising me.

5. Me, Red, and our friend Riki were discussing toys we had growing up and it made me remember the Pogoball. Man, I love that thing. I would school anyone on that thing. Word.

6. While I love getting hair cuts and mani-pedi’s I wish they didn’t take so damn long. This is a problem I have with relaxing in general. I’m the worst at the relaxation time in yoga.

7. I just rediscovered my love of the carrot. I like them raw and plain. Yum!

And with that I would like to turn this award over to the following peeps (YAY ANOTHER LIST!):

Shemmy Shemmy, Shake Shake

Runner in Progress

I Tri To Be Me

Tomorrow is my Friday and I’m SUPER stoked. Vacation time is almost here!