I think I told you all about how I occasionally pick up shifts at a local concert venue. If I didn’t, well guess what? I occasionally pick up shifts at a local concert venue. I work the VIP area and I usually try to pick shows that I just want to see but don’t necessarily want to pay for. (Me = cheap-o).

Last night I worked the Bush concert and I picked up the shift because I LOVE Gwen Stefani. As most of you may know, she is married to the lead singer of Bush, Gavin Rossdale. Also as a little side note: Bush has been around for a while (I mean the band sickos) and Gavin was even in the movie Constantine.

I posted way back when about going to the No Doubt concert with Red because she and I are total Gwen loving maniacs. We started as No Doubt fans like everyone else and then morphed into Gwen Stefani superfans. I will take a person down if they speak badly about my Gwennie Gwen Gwen. In any event, Gwen was not at the venue (or at least not where I could see her). So sadly, I didn’t get to meet Gwen. I did however get a sweet photo op with her hubs and his band. Yes, that is me on the far left and Mr. Gwen Stefani himself (in the white) and his band mates. The rest of the folks are peeps that I work with. I had no choice but to post this as it’s pretty much the only photo with a celeb that I’ve ever taken in all of my 30 years. I’m pretty sure this one will be shared with my future grand kids and they will roll their eyes and say “What the hell is this old bat talking about? These dudes are like 900 years old. And what kind of band name is Bush anyway?”And that will be fine. So long as they don’t talk bad about Gwen. I have my last loooooong run on deck for tomorrow. And then it’s taper madness here I come! Happy Friday kids.