Today’s 10 miler was a mix up of sorts. Meaning, that instead of me running with P-Funk and Hollster running with Red, it was just me and Hollster out there. We had a good run and as per usual, Hollster told awesome stories. Love her!
I’m getting super duper excited. (Yeah, I said super duper. Don’t judge.) I’m going to head over to either Dick’s or Sports Authority to find something new to wear. I don’t usually do this for races, but Red has inspired me. It’s very odd because in my every day life I buy new clothes all the damn time. I just don’t often think about my running attire. As long as it doesn’t chaffe and has lots of wicking, it’s ok by me. But, I think Gasparilla needs something special.
So remember how I was all excited about my Season’s 52 meal? Well how about this happy pappy? It’s full. Completely booked. On a Sunday. What the crap? Oy. Now I must think of another delicious place to go. Any suggestions? Anyone even read this dribble on Saturday?


Hope you all are enjoying your weekend. I know I am! Word to your mother.