As per the title of this post, it’s already started. I’m only two days in to taper and I’m feeling phantom pains all over the place. I didn’t run this morning because I swear Old Wo- er – Old You-Know-Who is just waiting to pounce.

I googled “taper madness” and was not surprised to find a zillion links to this disease. I was going to try to be all “la la la doesn’t bother me” but then I decided to just relish in the madness. This is after all a marathon I’ll be running and I might as well enjoy all the crazy that comes with it.

I found this sweet check list and decided to see if I fell into the taper-mad-as-a-hatter category:

1. Germ phobia to the extreme? Get away from me small children! Check.

2. Obsessive weather analyzing? Al Roker’s got nothin’ on me. Check.

3. Marathon website open 17 times on your desktop at work? Uh, yeah boss just checking the company stock online….. Check.

4. Selecting race day outfit is like choosing a name for your first child? Hm, Red, white and blue or Halloween orange?!?! Check.

5. No doing anything that may injure you – even mundane things like sitting on a bench? No way can I get on a trampoline with you sis. Check.

6. You’re getting an injury, you just know it? My ankle feels weird. Check.

7. You write an entire blog on your madness? See blog. Check.

Did I miss anything peeps? I want to make sure I hit ’em all.

Happy Tuesday.